Why Vote Labour 2015

A vote for David Oakensen is a vote for Labour and Labour is the only true alternative to the Conservatives in Somerton and Frome. 

If elected Labour will…

Protect the NHS: An extra £2.5 billion pounds a year, over and above what the Tories have promised to pay for 3000 more midwives, 5000 more health workers, 8000 more GPS and 20,000 more nurses. Labour will also halt the creep of privatisation as more and more NHS services are contracted out to private sector providers. The NHS is only safe with Labour and with Labour it can blossom to become the 21st century service Britain needs.

Building homes for everyone: Demand in housing is outstripping supply by more than ever before and yet we are building less houses than we have since the second world war. By 2020 Labour will be building 200,000 new homes a year. 200,000 chances to get on the housing ladder. Bricks and mortar to solve the housing crisis not silly Tory schemes that put the cost of houses up even further.

A minimum wage to be proud of: Our minimum wage is currently one of the lowest in Europe. Our lowest paid workers need tax credits and second jobs just to survive. Labour will raise it to £8 per hour by the end of the next parliament. Labour will also outlaw zero hours contracts – an ugly abuse of the low paid that has blossomed under this Tory government.

Giving young people a hand up: This was the most ambitious announcement of the recent conference season. Labour will create as many apprenticeship places as there are currently University places. This will expand enormously the available training for young people who do not want to pursue an academic career.

Scrap the bedroom tax: This grotesque re-evaluation which forces people to move or pay more for the accommodation they have been living in for years is a typically heartless Tory invention and like the Poll Tax before it belongs on the scrapheap of history. Labour will scrap it.

Build Britain’s Green Future: Labour will create a million more hi-tech jobs securing Britain’s leadership the green industries. It will be our industries that will build the wind turbines and the solar panels and the energy storage systems of the future not just for this country but for the global markets.

Vote for David Oakensen in Somerton and Frome if you want to see Labours plans for Britain’s future come true.

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